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KTM-Versand, KTM spare parts, KTM accessoires, KTM clothes, worldwide shipping, Online shopping

Authorized KTM Spare Parts Dealer. We supply and ship worldwide original KTM spare parts, KTM calendar 2012, KTM accessories, KTM clothes and KTM Gifts and more for KTM Motorcycles, KTM Fans and Friens. Find everything for your KTM Motorcycles in our online shop!

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Notice in accordance with EU regulation no. 524/2013: Online Disput Resolution
Conditions of Use
Terms and Conditions - dispatch trade :: ktm-versand.de
General terms of business
for dispatch orders in our on-line shop

The general terms of business regulate the realisation of the contract, duties of the ktm-versand.de on-line shop and the customer, the winding up between the customer and the ktm-versand.de on-line shop to closed contracts.

§ 1 Object of the general terms of business

The object of the general terms of business is the regulation of the conditions of the contract of all contracts of the ktm-versand.de on-line shop (supplier) with the customer.
It are worth in each case the general terms of business in the version valid at the time of the contract end.

§ 2 Realisation of the contract

The offers of the ktm-versand.de on-line shop are non-binding.
With clicking the Order button the customer explains obligingly towards the supplier to want to acquire the contents of the goods basket.
By clicking the " button order send " you deliver an obliging order of the goods contained in the shopping cart.
The confirmation of the entrance of the order follows immediately on sending the order.
The bill of sale comes about with our delivery confirmation or delivery of the goods.

§ 3 Rights to rescind of the supplier

With writing, misprints and arithmetic mistakes on the web page the ktm-versand.de on-line shop is entitled to the resignation.
If the achievement is impossible in cases of higher power without fault of the supplier, the supplier is entitled to the resignation.
If the supplier of the ktm-versand.de on-line shop in spite of contractual obligations does not supply the ktm-versand.de on-line shop with the ordered product, the ktm-versand.de on-line shop is likewise entitled to the resignation.
In this case the customer is immediately informed about the fact that the ordered product is not available.
The already paid purchase price is immediately refunded.
The resignation is explained in writing.
The written form is protected by sending the E-mail.

§ 4 Duties of information

The customer is obliged with the registration to do truthful information.

Provided that data of the customer change, in particular name, address, E-mail address, telephone number, bank connection is obliged the customer to inform of the change immediately by change of the information the supplier.

If the customer omits from this information or gives from the start wrong data, in particular a wrong E-mail address, the supplier, as far as a contract has come about, can withdraw from the contract.
The resignation is explained in writing.

The written form is also protected by sending an E-mail.
The supplier sends to the customer immediately after end of the contract an E-mail with the customer information in with the registration of the customer given E-mail address.
The customer undertakes the supplier immediately inform by mail if the E-mail with the customer information have not reached him within 24 hours after end of the contract.
The user has to take care of the fact that the given by him mail account is accessible from the time of the information, and not on the basis of forwarding, shutdown or overcrowding of the E-mail accounts a receipt is excluded from E-mail news.

The defectiveness of the information is supposed if one comes back in the user directed E-mail three times one after the other, or the achievement cannot be produced on account of faulty address

§ 6 Minimum order value / less amounts surcharge

The minimum order value amounts to 12 euro (home) / 12-euros (foreign country).
with orders under a goods value of 12 euro we raise a treatment-all-inclusive at the rate of 5 euro.

§ 7 Payment

The purchase price is due with order immediately without deduction, untill calculation or cash on delivery is agreed.

The customer automatically gets in delay if the payment is not paid 14 days after calculation preservation.
In the delay case the legal interests on arrears (5% are raised above base interest rate sentence).
If a higher delay interest has originated, the supplier is to be asserted entitled these.

The right to the compensation is entitled to the customer only if his counterclaims were ascertained legally, or these were recognised by the supplier.
The customer can exercise a retention right only if his counterclaim is based on the same contractual relationship.

§ 8 Forwarding expenses and delivery expenses

Forwarding expenses result by goods deliveries.
The supplier requires with realisation of a contractual relationship basically forwarding expenses and delivery expenses, excluded with selfcollection in our dispatch headquarters.
The height of the forwarding expenses is to be taken from the topical overview.

§ 9 Retention of title

The delivered product remains up to entire payment of the purchase price a property of the supplier, independent of expiry of the recall term.
Verpfändungen or protection conveyance of the purchase object before entire payment are inadmissible.
With Pfändungen or other interventions of third the customer has to inform us immediately in writing.
The customer carries costs and damages of such accesses.

§ 10 Rebuke obligation

The rebuke obligation follows the legal regulations with possible specification of the following regulations.
The customer is obliged to check the preserved product for evident mistakes.
If he ascertains evident mistakes, he has to inform within 14 days towards the supplier.
If he omits from this, he can assert towards the supplier no guarantee claims because of these mistakes more.
The supplier does not stick for mistake whose appearance were caused by the customer. This also counts to usual signs of wear. The exercise of the cancellation right by then customers remains untouched of it.
In case of a lack of the product the supplier explains a subsequent delivery or finishing touches after choice of the customer.
If the finishing touches miss finally or the supplied later product is lack-afflicted, the customer can require the return of the product against restitution of the agreed price.

§ 11 Assurance

An assurance of qualities for goods does not exist.
The description of the goods and call circuits show no assurance of qualities.

§ 12 Guarantee

Gewährleistung We stick within the scope of the legal guarantee for defects of new goods for the duration of two years, for defects of used things for the duration of one year calculated from handing over of the product.
The same term also counts to claims to substitute of lack secondary damages, as far as no claims from unauthorised action are asserted.

As defects for the purposes of the preceding sales divergences count in the sales object of the operating instructions or the functional way described in it, or divergences of the customary use of the sales object, as far as these divergences impair the suitability of the purchase object to the usual use.

With used goods wear typical for use shows no defects.
a liability after compelling legal regulations remains untouched from this.

If a lack is by handing over of the purchase thing, the customer is entitled to require subsequent performance, i.e. after his choice lack removal or delivery of a thing free of lack.
We can refuse the elective kind of the subsequent performance if it is possible only with disproportionate expenditure.

If the customer has put an adequate term to the subsequent performance to us without success, he is entitled to withdraw from the contract, to require damage substitute or to diminish the purchase price.

If we have already produced a partial achievement, the customer can only withdraw from the whole contract or require damage substitute if he has no more interest in the partial achievement.
With an only unimportant lack the resignation is excluded.

§ 13 Liability

The liability for slightly careless duty injuries is excluded, provided that these no contract-essential duties, damages from injuries of the life, the body or the health or guarantees concern which are touched claims from the product liability law.
Same counts to duty injuries of the fulfilment assistant.

§ 14 Limitation

Not lack-related claims of the customer and lack-related claims with used things come under the statute of limitations in the 1-st year after origin, unless they are based on intentional action.

§ 15 Data protection

The supplier undertakes everything to him economically and technically reasonable and possible precautions to prevent an access of third to this protected area.
The supplier raises from the customer without his approval only the data which are necessary for the execution of the order and the contract winding up.
He uses the data provided by the customers only for the purposes to which the customer has agreed.
According to the regulations of the federal data protection act we commit ourselves to a comprehensive protection of the personal data of the customer.

§ 16 Applicable right

It is worth German right to the exclusion of the UN purchase right.